The North Cariboo Community Campus (NCCC) is a new post-secondary facility in the town of Quesnel, situated in North-Central British Columbia. This new college campus is intended to provide expanded facilities from which integrated post-secondary educational services will be offered to the community. The program includes a variety of classroom and laboratory spaces, a library, cafeteria, multi-purpose area and administrative spaces.

The site design was developed to benefit from the preservation of the natural site. The college building is situated in an open meadow, and is oriented to overlook the confluence of the Fraser & Quesnel rivers below and the distant Cariboo landscape to the south. Vehicular entry is along a new winding driveway, which allows a glimpse of the dramatic landscape to the south.

The local economy in Quesnel is based upon the forestry industry with a number of local mills being the major employers in the region.  From the outset of the design process, the client mandated that the new facility should be a showcase for the local forestry industry.  As part of this mandate, the project team worked closely with the local wood industry to design a building that would maximize the amount of locally produced wood in the building and would use wood in innovative ways. 

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